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Profile of Dr. Suparna Biswas (Saha)

Department:Department of Computer Science & Engineering
Designation: Assistant Professor
Education Background: PhD from Jadavpur University
M. Tech from Jadavpur University
B. Tech from University of Kalyani

Address: BF-142, Sec-I, Salt Lake, Kolkata-700064, WB

eMail: mailtosuparna@gmail.com

Research Area: Wireless Networks, Security, Mobile Computing

About Dr. Suparna Biswas (Saha)

She obtained her M.E. and PhD from Jadavpur University. She has joined in the Department of Computer Science & Engineeirng, Maulana Abul Kalam Azad University of Technology (formerly WBUT) as an Assistant Professor in 2005. She has been a Erasmus Mundus Post Doctoral Research Fellow in cLINK project in the Department of Computer Science and Digital Technologies, Northumbria University, Newcastle, UK. She has co-authored a number of research papers published in Conferences and journals of international repute. She has served as a reviewer in Conferences and journals of international repute. Her areas of research interests are Mobile Computing, Network Security, Wireless Body Area Network, Healthcare Applications etc.



  1. S. Biswas and T. Kundu, Cluster Based K-Nearest Neighbor Search with Validity Region on Road Network in LBS System, Proc. National Conference on Emerging Technologies (NCET-08), pp. 22-29, March 29-30, (2008)
  2. S. Biswas(Saha), S. Neogy, A Low Overhead Checkpointing Scheme for Mobile Computing System, ADCOM 2007, 18-21 December, pp. 700-705 (2007)
  3. S. Saha, S. Neogy, An Analytical Study of Operating Systems for Mobile Phones, EAIT 2006, 10-11 Feb, pp. 15-18, (2006)
  4. S. Saha, S. Neogy, A Preemptive Scheduler for Mobile Phones, RETIS 2006, 14-15 July, pp. 156-159, (2006)

Visiting Faculty: Jadavpur University, since 2009 to 2014

List of Publications


  1. Suparna Biswas, Subhajit Adhikari, A Survey of Security Attacks, Defenses and Security Mechanisms in Wireless Sensor Network,International Journal of Computer Applications 131(17):28-35, December 2015. Published by Foundation of Computer Science (FCS), NY, USA., 2015
  2. S.Biswas, S.Neogy, , P.Dey, Mobility Based Checkpointing and Trust Based Recovery in MANET,International Journal of Wireless & Mobile Networks, (IJWMN), Volume 4, No. 4, pp. 54-69, ISSN : 0975 – 3834(Online);  0975 - 4679 (Print), August 2012, 2012
  3. S.Biswas , P.Dey, S.Neogy, Improved Recovery Probability of Mobile Hosts using Energy and Mobility based Secure Checkpointing – Recovery,International Journal of Trust Management in Computing and Communications (IJTMCC), Vol. 2, No, 4, pp. 379-405, ISSN online: 2048-8386, ISSN print: 2048-8378, Inderscience publisher, Switzerland, 2014, 2012
  4. P.Dey, S.Biswas, Handoff Based Checkpointing and Log Based Rollback Recovery for Mobile Hostsg – Recovery,International Journal of Network Security & Its Applications (IJNSA), Volume 4, No. 5, pp. 25-41, ISSN 0974 - 9330 (Online), 0975 - 2307 (Print), September 2012, 2012


  1. R.Saha, S.Biswas, G.Pradhan, A Priority Based Routing Protocol with Extensive Survey and Comparison of Related Works for Healthcare Applications Using WBAN,in IEEE WiSPNET 2017 conference, Chennai , India ,pp. 1453-1459, 22-24 March 2017, 2017
  2. J.Saha, C.Chowdhury, S.Biswas, Device Independent Activity Monitoring using Smart Handhelds,in Proceedings of the IEEE 7th International Conference on Cloud Computing, Data Science & Engineering – Confluence,January 2017,pp.410-415, 2017
  3. K.Karmakar, S.Biswas, S.Neogy, MHRP: A Novel Mobility Handling Routing Protocol in Wireless Body Area Network,in IEEE WiSPNET 2017 conference, Chennai , India, pp. 1968-1974, 22-24 March 2017, 2017
  4. J.Saha,S.Biswas,T.Bhattacharyya and C.Chowdhury, A Framework for Monitoring of Depression Patient using WBAN,in Proceedings of the IEEE International Conference on Wireless Communications, Signal Processing and Networking WiSPNET16 ,March2016, pp. 410-415, 2016
  5. T.Bhattacharya, S.Biswas, N.Aslam, S.Chattopadhyay, Posture Detection using WBAN and its Application in Remote Healthcare Monitoring,in Proceedings of the IEEE International Conference on Wireless Communications, Signal Processing and Networking WiSPNET16 ,March2016, pp. 2082–2089, 2016
  6. S.Biswas,J.Saha,T.Nag,C.Chowdhury,S.Neogy, A Novel Cluster Head Selection Algorithm for Energy-Efficient Routing in Wireless Sensor Network,in Proceedings of the IEEE 6th International Conference on Advanced Computing IACC16, February 2016,pp.588-593, 2016
  7. J.Saha, C.Chowdhury, S.Biswas, Patient Monitoring Framework for Smart Home Using Smart Handhelds,in Proceedings of the IEEE International Conference on Wireless Communications, Signal Processing and Networking WiSPNET17 ,March2017, pp. 2382-2387, 2014

List of Projects

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